Our network of stores and restaurants offer safe, delicious food as we expand across Japan and abroad.

Gyudon Category

We rolled out Sukiya and Nakau chain stores across
the country, where customers can enjoy a variety of
dishes centering on gyudon (beef bowl).

Family Dining Category

We manage a variety of restaurants specializing
in hamburger steaks, pastas, Japanese dishes, and yakiniku.

Fast Food Service Category

From an array of shops, including kaiten-zushi
(conveyor belt sushi), udon, ramen, and coffee shops,
customers can select the one that best serves their needs.

Other Categories

This category supports the Zensho by providing fresh fruit
and vegetables, flowers, pizza crusts, soy sauce, and seasonings.


Actively opening Sukiya restaurants to spread the Japanese
comfort foods around the world.

Supporting Companies

Group companies in different fields that support the business of the Zensho.