Academic Support

Academic Support

While expanding outside Japan, Zensho focuses on building positive relationships and fostering human resources by providing academic support in each country.

We believe that spreading understanding about Japan is the key to building positive relationships with each country and fostering human resources.

Zensho-UT Japan Studies Program at VNU-Hanoi

We are creating a center for Japan studies in Vietnam through a program produced in a cooperative effort between the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School and Vietnam National University (VNU). By training a large number of young researchers and educators who understand Japanese, we are supporting the extensive and deep development of Japan studies.

Furthermore, we invite VNU students who visit Japan to our office and introduce our efforts to foster deeper international exchange.

VNU students visiting Zensho in November 2011

Zensho Todai Nanjing Liberal Arts Student Exchange Programme

The aim of the Zensho Todai Nanjing Liberal Arts Student Exchange Programme is to help students to develop trusting relations while thinking together and educating one another, fostering friendly relations between China and Japan with a rich sense of humanity gained through liberal arts* education.

  • * Liberal arts: the general term for an academic discipline that involves studying a broad range of fields to gain a basic education, unlike specialist academic subjects, such as economics.

Nanjing University students visiting Zensho in May 2013