Zensho BrandsOffering the pleasure of choice to even more customers

Food Service

Zensho’s diverse network of restaurants serving gyudon, udon, and hamburger steaks, as well as conveyor-belt sushi restaurants and coffee shops, provide dining options to suit any customer’s needs.


Sukiya is Japan's leading gyudon chain by number of locations. It offers gyudon beef bowls with a variety of toppings at affordable prices with prompt, friendly service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Nakau is a Japanese-style fast food restaurant chain offering a menu that includes rice bowl dishes and Kyoto-style udon with a commitment to taste, reasonable prices and prompt service.


Coco's is a family restaurant that offers the popular Coco's Beef Hamburger Steak and a "Premium Drink Bar" with an extensive selection of beverages.

Big Boy

Big Boy is a restaurant chain which operates stores across the country from Hokkaido to Kyushu. The restaurant focuses on grilled food, including steaks and hamburger steaks.

Victoria Station

Victoria Station's menu features steaks and hamburger steaks. It is the largest restaurant chain in Hokkaido by number of stores.

Jolly Pasta

Jolly Pasta offers more than forty kinds of authentic spaghetti dishes cooked especially for each order. Customers can enjoy affordable pasta dishes that are authentic down to the wheat used as a raw ingredient.

El Torito

Filled with the atmosphere of sunny Mexico, El Torito lets customers enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine that also appeals to Japanese tastes.


Hama-sushi is a sushi restaurant chain that uses high-quality ingredients that have passed Zensho's strict safety standards. The restaurant offers safe, delicious sushi at an affordable price.

Hanaya Yohei

Hanaya Yohei is a chain of Japanese cuisine restaurants located in Tokyo and four surrounding prefectures. The menu includes Edo-style sushi and shabu-shabu hotpot made with domestic beef.


Gyuan is a chain specializing in meat dishes. Customers can enjoy shabu-shabu hotpot, yakiniku, and sukiyaki made from choice beef and seasonal ingredients.


Takarajima is a family restaurant chain where customers can relax and enjoy delicious yakiniku with family and friends at a reasonable price.


Denmaru is a chain of Hokkaido-style ramen noodle shops in the Kanto region around Tokyo. Its popularity lies in the unique flavor of its soup, which combines chicken broth and miso with vegetables and special spices.


Kyubeiya is a chain of udon restaurants that use homemade udon noodles with a distinctively firm, smooth texture and a flavorful broth made from carefully selected ingredients.

Seto Udon

Seto Udon is a Sanuki-style udon restaurant chain where customers can select toppings such as crisp, just-fried tempura to add to their freshly cooked udon noodles.


Tamon'an is a self-serve Sanuki-style udon restaurant chain. The restaurant offers udon with a commitment to high-quality wheat and natural salt containing bittern.

Moriva Coffee

Evoking the atmosphere of an enchanting beech forest, this chain of fair trade coffee shops seeks to give customers space to relax.

Cafe Milano

Cafe Milano self-serve coffee shops are located mainly in and around the railway stations of suburban Tokyo and are familiar gathering places for customers of all ages.


Katsuan is a pork cutlet
specialty restaurant that serves carefully selected aged meat pork cutlet,
katsudon, etc. at affordable prices.

Olive Hill

Olive Hill is a restaurant where you can enjoy pasta, pizza, and other dishes made with carefully selected authentic Italian ingredients at reasonable prices.

Food Service (Outside Japan)

Zensho is aggressively opening Sukiya stores outside Japan in order to popularize Japan’s national dishes around the world.


Sukiya (China) operates stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, and other locations. The restaurant's reasonably priced gyudon is popular in China, where eating habits are diversifying as living standards rise.


Sukiya (Brazil) mainly operates stores in the urban area of Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest city. Japanese Brazilians and other local people are already becoming familiar with gyudon.


Thailand and Japan have long shared certain cultural similarities. Sukiya's gyudon is a simple, popular dish in Thailand, where rice is the staple food.


Sukiya (Malaysia) has obtained halal certification, verifying that food is prepared in accordance with Islamic precepts. The restaurant chain offers the world's first halal-certified gyudon.


Sukiya (Mexico) has opened a store in Mexico City, a city of about 20 million people. The restaurant offers gyudon featuring rice that is the pride of Sukiya in Mexico, a country which is not familiar with rice-eating culture.


The first Sukiya restaurant opened in July 2014 in Taiwan, where there are many Japanophiles and Japanese food is popular. Sukiya gyudon is reasonably priced and well received.


Sukiya opened a restaurant in a Jakarta shopping center in September 2014 to offer its gyudon in Indonesia, a country with a rice-eating culture.

The Chicken Rice Shop

Primarily operating in Malaysia, The
Chicken Rice Shop Restaurant serves traditionally-cooked chicken rice as its
signature product, gaining popularity from groups of families consisted with
most of all generations.

Advanced Fresh Concepts Corp.

Advanced Fresh Concepts Franchise Corp. franchises over 4,000 of take-out Sushi counter in the United States, Canada and Australia.


Zensho operates supermarket chains that are uncompromising on safety, quality, and price.

United Veggies

The company operates greengrocer and florist shops from the Kanto region to Western Japan. The stores offer safe and reliable-quality fruits and vegetables to customers at affordable prices.


Maruya is a supermarket chain with locations mainly in Saitama and Chiba prefectures. It is popular in the local communities because it has been developing trusted stores for more than half a century.


These community-based supermarkets are operated by Maruya Co., Ltd., in Ashikaga City and its surroundings in Tochigi Prefecture.


This supermarket chain mainly operates around Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture.

Very Foods

Very Foods Owariya is a supermarket chain that mainly operates around Kisarazu, Chiba Prefecture. It delivers seasonal products as quickly as possible with a commitment to timely stocking and affordability.

Nursing Care

Zensho Group operates residential and nursing care services for the elderly.


Kagayaki provides residential and nursing care services for the elderly, in Hokkaido.
The company helps the elderly to live enjoyable stress-free, and comfortable lives.

Royalhouse Ishioka

"Royalhouse Ishioka" operates private nursing homes with "Omotenashi long-term care" in Ibaraki prefecture and cherishes bonds between residents
and staff.

Senior Life Support

"Senior Life Support" operates private nursing homes in Saitama prefecture that helps residents live happily with their family and staff.


"NYEREG" provides in home nursing, rehabilitation visits,
home-care support in Aichi prefecture for residents to live with the utmost respect for each


"Offering not just service, but warm hospitality."
"IMedicare" provides nursing care service in Chiba prefecture based on the concept of
realizing a high-quality-life after retirement.